I specialize in making games with serious, cultural and educational themes – but occasionally I make one just for fun 🙂

ArtMatch! – I created ArtMatch! for the WonderVision project at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  It featured the art of Arthur Conlon and was used to promote Indigenous Education.

Trafficked – I found the incremental game, Cookie Clicker, and got addicted, as everyone does.  After playing for a couple of weeks, it inspired me to explore the game mechanic in a serious games capacity.  I also wanted to get some javascript practice in.  Creating this game allowed me to do both.  Play Trafficked

Tuesday – In my class, I discussed how choices in a game should be meaningful. However, I always like to show how rules can be broken in order to make things interesting, so I thought of this game, which showcases a series of seemingly meaningless choices that actually have a great impact. It also keeps to the serious game theme.  Play Tuesday

The Lowest Form of Flattery – During a recent game jam, a non-profit organization pitched a project that helped teens and young adults understand and avoid potentially violent relationships. They challenged a team to create a game that would do this – in 48 hours.  My team chose to use Twine to create a narrative with three perspectives, giving insight into the events at a college party.  Play The Lowest Form of Flattery.

StarDust – There is no serious game purpose here. Just fun!  With this one, I wanted to incorporate narrative into the design of an incremental, and to incorporate graphics into the endgame.  I teach Twine to my interactive narrative class, and I originally wanted to tweak the Twine engine so that it would incorporate an incremental. In the end, I did the opposite and used Twine as an iframe within the incremental design. This doesn’t allow the story to influence the game, but works well as a self-contained elaboration on the game mechanics. Play StarDust