I specialize in making games with serious, cultural and educational themes – but I also make them just for fun 🙂

ArtMatch! – I created ArtMatch! for the WonderVision project at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  It featured the art of Arthur Conlon and was used to promote Indigenous Education.

Trafficked – I found the incremental game, Cookie Clicker, and got addicted, as everyone does.  After playing for a couple of weeks, it inspired me to explore the game mechanic in a serious games capacity.  I also wanted to get some javascript practice in.  Creating this game allowed me to do both.  Play Trafficked

RGB Escape – This is a fun little game with an escape-the-room theme, but you might just want to stay there! Click the links and explore as you search for the way out.  This simple home is much deeper than you think!  Play RGB Escape

Tuesday – In my class, I discussed how choices in a game should be meaningful. However, I always like to show how rules can be broken in order to make things interesting, so I thought of this game, which showcases a series of seemingly meaningless choices that actually have a great impact. It also keeps to the serious game theme.  Play Tuesday

Flutter – I love incremental games, and I love Twine, so I challenged myself to combine the two with Flutter – an incremental Twine game in which you are a caterpillar who’s trying to grow up.  For leisurely play, just read the story and watch the numbers on the left of the screen. If you make the right choices, you will gain friends and face the challenges of life together. For more active play, read the story and manually increase your friends, equipping them with everything they need as you explore your lovely world.  Play Flutter

The Body – A dead body just went missing!  Use your investigative skills to find out who the body belonged to, and why anyone would want to steal it.  Play The Body

StarDust – There is no serious game purpose here. Just fun!  With this one, I wanted to incorporate narrative into the design of an incremental, and to incorporate graphics into the endgame.  I teach Twine to my interactive narrative class, and I originally wanted to tweak the Twine engine so that it would incorporate an incremental. In the end, I did the opposite and used Twine as an iframe within the incremental design. This doesn’t allow the story to influence the game, but works well as a self-contained elaboration on the game mechanics. I am currently updating Stardust with a beautiful new design. Watch this space!

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